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  • Enhancing the growth of investments
  • Developing relationships with like-minded people
  • Successful long term business partnerships
Stratcap is a private equity company, with its primary strategy being to invest in a diversified portfolio ranging across various business segments in the South Africa and the Southern African region.
  • Stratcap's investment philosophy is people centric, in that it aims to develop relationships with like-minded people with the ultimate goal of fostering a successful long term business partnership. Stratcap believes in investing in people who have the ability to bring value to a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • Stratcap's strategy is to identify and invest in established businesses that show sustainable growth potential with the prospect of expanding on a large scale, which aims to create wealth for all investors thus ultimately yielding a favourable return on maturity of investment.
  • Stratcap prides itself as an established self-funded private equity company, focused on forging and maintaining successful long-term partnerships with other investors and underlying investments, while at the same time staying abreast of international trends and market influences.
  • Stratcap believes that active participation in the growth and development of its individual investments, through board representation and supportive monitoring forums, plays a vital role in creating a platform that supports the nurturing of close professional relationships which optimise the achievement of investment potential.
  • Stratcap is not in the business of buying out management in an established investment. Stratcap believes that a cohesive established management team with the necessary know how, will enhance the growth of an investment into a profitable venture for investors.
  • Since inception Stratcap has successfully partnered with a number of leading private equity role players within South Africa. Stratcap has managed to execute its investment exit strategy successfully with a number of its investments.
  • Stratcap has identified a number of established businesses that fit its investment criteria and that require BEE participation to sustain and improve their commercial viability. Stratcap's funding endeavors have assisted a number of BEEs to participate in these investments, some of which have been successfully exited and which participation has been mutually beneficial to the investment, the BEE and investors alike.
  • While a rigid one-size-fits-all approach is not part of Stratcap's investment process, the typical investment methodology is to: identify established businesses with good management teams; identify established businesses that have high yield investment potential; initiate a mutually beneficial partnership with the management teams through negotiation based on respect and transparency:
    • provide finance and other support to maximise the ability of these businesses to reach their full potential;
    • assist with the implementation of corporate governance structures; and
    • plan and execute an appropriate exit strategy that will yield the best returns to all investors.
  • The ultimate goal is to maximise the value of the investment with minimum time being expended and then exiting in an appropriate manner and at the appropriate time.
  • Stratcap
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    CDS consists of: 
    Income Protection Services (KZN) (Pty) Ltd; Fidelity Debt Couselling (Pty) Ltd and Booysens & Co.Incorporated
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    Natures Health Products (Pty) Ltd

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Stratcap Funding (Pty) Ltd
Registration number: 2006/029751/07

GL Robinson (Finance), CA (SA)
DL Smart, CA (SA) 

M Swart, CA (SA)
Tel:  +27 (0)21 565 0000


Unit G5 & G6, Stellenpark Business Park, Cnr R44 and School Street
Stellenbosch, 7600

TELEPHONE NUMBER +27 (0)21 565 0000


FACSIMILE NUMBER +27 (0)86 623 4444


P.O. Box 12053, Die Boord, Stellenbosch, 7613


The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
(Registration number 1962/000738/06)

De Wet's Incorporated Chartered Accountants (S.A.)
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Professional Company Secretarial and Tax Services (Pty) Ltd
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